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What Do Kid's of Divorce Worry About ?

This course is a guide for parents who are thinking about divorce, who are in the process of getting a divorce, or split up a few or even many years ago and are deeply concerned about how their children are doing in post-divorce family.The turning points of your child's life are many, they go through many changes all the way to their adult life that can and will affect them. It doesn't have to be that way! As parents you will be challenged and I am here to help you every step of the way! Life and parenting your children is a daily challenge. Each child deserves the highest quality of life. And it begins with  you!

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Family Law

4 Week Virtual Course
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March 2021
Course Schedule


March 4th @ 8pm
Impact on a Child of Divorce & 
Putting on Your Oxygen Mask


March 11th @ 8pm
Heart of a Child & 
Two Happy Homes


March 18th @ 8pm
Parents Forever & 
High Conflict Relationships


March 25th @ 8pm
Moving Forward

Hello There! It's me Nancy!

During the process of divorce you may be struggling to redefine your relationship with your former spouse as well as helping your child cope with the separation of the family. 

Or you may be a parent"stuck" in a marriage and your children are beginning to see there is no longer love between mom or dad. 

Maybe you are a parent that has been separated or divorced for a couple of years or more. But you can't seem to get it right and you are seeing your children affected.

Regardless, you all have one thing in common. Your children learn by example. 

You are their example and therefore they will role play the relationship they see you and your ex have with each other and they will pass it on to their lives and continue the same cycle.

This course offers valuable information about the process of divorce and practical skills necessary to create a two household family. 

It not only addresses children's issues associated with divorce, but it focuses on you and your personal struggle to overcome the loss of your marriage.

In addition, the seven steps to a healthier post-divorce relationship will help you create a partnership in parenting with your former spouse on your child's behalf.

You will discover valuable information about divorce, practical suggestions and effective activities to reinforce skills.

Course Bonuses

As an added" bonus" you will be able to schedule "Two" One hour consultations with Nancy Weaver Divorce Coach.

You are each going through your own individual issues. 

 As a coach I will be able to:

1- The voice of reason.

2- Help develop a checklist with parents to help you stay attuned to each child's behaviors.

3- Help parents stay focused on caring for themselves so you can care for your children.

4- Help parents to develop and get comfortable with the communication plan

5- What the possible answers might be
The Course also includes:
- Workbook
- Divorce Journal
- All related parental forms needed and resources
- PDF Assignments

Will Divorce Affect My Children ?

Children from divorced families may experience more externalizing problems, such as conduct disorders, delinquency and impulsive behavior than a kid from a two parent home.

Divorce does not always damage children. Children who experience divorce are more likely to have increased empathy for others. 

It begins with the parents! It is crucial for a parent to understand when a child observes parental conflict between spouses is the issue. 

What Kid's Should Know About Divorce.

Children require protection. Do you really want to tell them the truth? Do you want your child to know about dad's affair? Or that you didn't have enough sex in the marriage? Or that mom neglected the family and decided to live her unfulfilled life? 

In most cases, it's best to keep the full truth to yourself because it's sad to say the truth hurts. Now, if a parent is silent or abusive that is what court is for. You don't want to poison the kids against the other parent, but you do need to keep them safe and psychologically grounded. Children ultimately come to their own conclusion about their parents.

Throughout this course you will discover that you have power to make positive changes that will benefit your child and long-term relationship with your child's other parent.

Voice of the Child of Divorce

How can a parent protect their children during and after divorce? Divorce is not a single event but a lifelong journey. There will be changes and many u turns along the way. It will demand a different kind of parenting than you will ever know.You will need a lot of compassion and wisdom throughout this journey.

If your children can express themselves to both parents. They will let you know that you have become "a set of parents and "two" set of problems."

They want your cooperation, compassion and human understanding. They don't want to hear it and they would like for you to work it out with each other. They do not want to feel obligated to choose sides. They suffer greatly because parents cannot overcome their issues with the other parent. Event hough it's not fair!

In fact, it's not fair to them. 

If parents show that they love and care for children responsibly, it will help them feel more secure as they process the divorce.

Children they need to know that you will be there for them.
What You Will Learn In This Course
The What, Why, How, and So What Happens Next?
Many divorcing couples underestimate the impact their divorce will have on their individual relationships with each of their children. Children of divorce experience a wide range of emotions: resentment, loneliness, confusion, fearful, and much more.

How you handle your divorce will dramatically affect how your children react to it. Divorce does have an impact on children, but the type of impact it has on your children is up to you. 
Every divorce is different and there is no one-size-fits-all remedy. But, with love and care, you can make sure your children are as supported as possible through what is likely the most tumultuous time in their young lives.
Leveraging your strengths during divorce or after divorce. Enduring a very stressful situation does not have to turn ugly. It can easily ruin your children's lives.
No matter how overwhelming a divorce can be. Working it out through the fear and getting beyond issues. You can actually look forward to a new life and a new beginning.
Making decisions, getting organized, making a new home for you and your children. Being the best parent you can be during and after the process is not as difficult as you may believe it to be.

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