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Cultivating the warrior within will help you master obstacles and challenges of life and it will liberate the hidden strength that is waiting for you to unleash.


This is not the typical test that is out there. This was created by two psychologists 50 years ago! It will specifically nail with 95% accuracy and divided into three parts, your human psyche, decision making and how you love. No one scores one answer.

7 Shocking Truths 

This course is a guide for parents who are thinking about divorce, who are in the process of getting a divorce, or split up a few or even many years ago and are deeply concerned about how their children are doing in post-divorce family.

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Certified Divorce Coaching

A divorce is a traumatic event. In experiencing a traumatic event like divorce, it isn’t only your client who is impacted. It is the whole nuclear family, the extended family, and it impacts the other people who rely on the divorcing person to continue to perform in the way they did before the divorce. 

A Divorce professional plays an important part in the ability for the client to move from the pre-divorce phase through the process and the divorce transition and recover to the next chapter of their life.

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For thousands of years, the Bible has been read not only as history and God’s Word  but also for personal edification. This, of course, is a more meaningful reason for studying the Bible for those who believe in God, but the Bible is also surprisingly edifying for those who do not believe. It is full of individuals facing moral choices, life challenges, and frankly, situations that are applicable to us even today. Come and explore with me what stories you can learn that will apply to you today. Come as you are.