Nancy Duarte

Want to know about Nancy?

A born-and-raised Miami girl living life at the beach! My mom arrived in Miami in 1961, fleeing from the communist regime. The last Pan-American flight from Cuba to Miami she was on along with her three sons.

She went to the Freedom Tower Building in Miami to claim herself as an immigrant with one suitcase and no money. The Communist Regime took my brother’s crib, clothes, and necessities and called her a traitor. 

She became a hard worker and did not know how to speak a word of English. She worked three jobs, mastered English and graduated from college, and retired from South East Banks, which is now known as Wachovia Bank.

Four years later, she gave birth to me. 

Unfortunately, three years later, my father abandoned us, and he left us, and until this day, we have never heard from him again.

I grew up eating “Croquetas” and “Cuban Cafecito” and of course “Guayaba Cuban Pasteries.”


Nancy discovered to falling in love again, to Luis Duarte.

I am a mother, daughter of a Mom now suffering from Althiemers, and what a ride that is! You have to live it to explain it. I have three girls Natalie, Scarlett & Isabella, all living their journey in different states, making a difference in this world.

I have a passion for families, children, people from all walks of life, and a zest for life! 

I am curious about everything. In my journey, I have become a writer, author,” Live Virtual On-line Course Creator, which I am thrilled about. 

The courses I have created are,
“7 Shocking Truths Every Parent Should Know About Divorce & Kids” (Co-Parenting) 
 “A Road Less Traveled” is all about thriving in life and becoming a warrior that already lies within  you.

How Do I Work With You?

I am a warrior, a woman deeply committed to transforming people’s lives. My work is deep and sometimes confrontational and emotionally sensitive.

I am a communicator, easy to talk to about subjects most people avoid.

The pain of past trauma and abuse, the unattractive feelings of jealousy, the judgments held toward others, and the paralyzing shame of past experiences is a journey we must all go through to fully understand what has made us lack confidence that paralyzes us not to transform to live your best self.

After all, you only have this one life to live here on earth. You might as well live it to the fullest capacity of the human self.

I know when these subjects, when ignored, prevent people from fully express their greatness in the world.

It is my honor and pleasure to challenge you throughout your life and embrace your emotions and experience with love and understanding to own and accept all parts of yourself.

I want you to express the inner saint and your inner sinner.

It is the only way you will realize your full potential.

Many times in our lifetime, fear knocks at your door, love says I am here! And no one is there.

Letting go of your old truths and replacing them with the entire truth of who you are and created to be in the first place is what you will learn when you begin to work with me. 

Here is your truth. You have God within you. Live from that place, and all will be well.

As your Coach, it is super important for you to connect deeply within yourself because we cannot give what we don’t have and within is where we find that infinite abundance alignment.

Life is a spiritual experience; when you lose sight of that depth, life can be hard and challenging.

Throughout your life, there’s a voice that only you can hear.

Now is the time. Jump In. And be part of changing the world into a better place. 

It begins with you! 

I look forward to connecting with you.


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